888poker's "Early Bird Rakeback" program rewards players who register for MTTs early.

There’s a lot of good that can come from being in your seat at the start of a tournament. From getting better reads on your opponents to accumulating a chip lead early, there are plenty of reasons that pros and recreational players alike enjoy being at the table when the first hand is deal.

Starting on July 15, 888poker is giving their tournament grinders yet another to register early for every MTT that they play.

The online site’s brand new “Early Bird Rakeback” promotion is here to incentivize players to avoid late registration and register before the start of every tournament they play by putting a percentage of the tournament fees back in their account.

No matter what level buy-in a player prefers, from micro-stakes to the Sunday Majors, the 888poker “Early Bird Rakeback” program makes it easy to earn 10% rakeback.

The first thing a player needs to know is that they need to register before the start of the tournament. Thus the ‘Early Bird’ portion of the promotion. While some players use late registration as a strategy or to get an extra hour of sleep, those players who want to pick up early chips and play every hand from the very beginning are the ones eligible for this promotion,

Next, there are select tournaments that are eligible for “Early Bird Rakeback”. They are scheduled throughout the week, Monday through the following Sunday. Players need to play in a schedule of these tournaments in order to have 10% of the fees come back to them.

Then, the following Monday, 888poker will deposit the accumulated rakeback back into the player’s account. There’s no tickets to redeem, no boxes to open – no surprises. It’s just straight cash which can be used to play in another week of tournaments.

There are a few items to note. First, there is a minimum buy-in as this promotion is aimed at those who plan on playing a more complete schedule of tournaments.

The weekly rakeback limit is set to $500. It is high enough that most MTT players on the site will enjoy the rakeback as a bankroll boost to a slate of tournament that may already be on their schedule.

Finally, the “Early Bird Rakeback” promotion is eligible for depositing players on 888poker.

So, if you are the type of player who enjoys maximizing their time at the table, playing every hand, and are looking to get rewarded for it. Check out the new “Early Bird Rakeback” promotion on 888poker which kicks off on July 15.