Phil Galfond and 'VeniVidi1993' Battle in the First Galfond Challenge Match
Phil Galfond and 'VeniVidi1993' Battle in the First Galfond Challenge Match

Phil Galfond lost €34,580.19 to ‘VeniVidi1993’ in Tuesday’s ‘Galfond Challenge’ session, but he was able to maintain his overall lead.

Tuesday gave us the 36th session between these two. They played another 592 hands of €100-200 PLO on Run It Once Poker. With the Galfond Challenge now 22,689 hands complete, Galfond’s lead is €46,484.37.

The latest session was a bit of a back-and-forth affair and tightly locked between the two. In the middle of the session, it looked as though ‘VeniVidi1993’ was going to pull away, but then Galfond started to tilt things back in his direction before eventually taking the lead in the later stages. It was then that it looked as though Galfond was going to pull away and close out the session with a win, but ‘VeniVidi1993’ fought back with a couple of big punches to retake the lead. ‘VeniVidi1993’ rode out that lead to the end and bagged the session win.

In this first clip we’ll look at, a pair of big pots played out on the adjacent tables. On the left, the two chopped a €21,582 pot. On the right, Galfond hauled in one worth €43,742.20.

In the hand that took place on the table on the left, ‘VeniVidi1993’ bet a pot-sized bet of €2,398 on the final board of AdTd4d8c8d. Galfond raised to €9,592 and ‘VeniVidi1993’ made the call.

Galfond had the KcQcTc8h for a full house, tens over eights. ‘VeniVidi1993’ had the Th9d8s5h for the same full house and the two chopped up the pot.

On the right table, there was a board of Qs8s8cJs and a pot of €7,961.36 in the middle. After ‘VeniVidi1993’ checked, Galfond bet €3,980.68. ‘VeniVidi1993’ called and the river was the 7d. ‘VeniVidi1993’ checked, Galfond went all in for €13,909.99, and ‘VeniVidi1993’ made the call.

‘VeniVidi1993’ had flopped a full house with the QdTd8h4s in his hand, but Galfond turned a straight flush holding the Ts9s4d3c to win the pot.

Shortly after, an interesting hand played out that saw ‘VeniVidi1993’ just call Galfond’s reraise with the nuts on the river.

After ‘VeniVidi1993’ checked the Qd7h5hTsAs board, Galfond bet a pot-sized €1,199. ‘VeniVidi1993’ raised to €4,796 and then Galfond reraised to €8,800. Galfond had €13,531.97 behind and ‘VeniVidi1993’ had him covered, but ‘VeniVidi1993’ just called.

‘VeniVidi1993’ had the KdJcTd2h for the nut straight and Galfond had the Kc4c4d3c for a bluff.

The middle chunk of hands from this session saw ‘VeniVidi1993’ with the lead, but Galfond started to pull things back as time went on, including winning this €47,965.68 pots.

There was €7,999 in the middle on the Jd9h3dQs board. ‘VeniVidi1993’ bet €3,999.50 and Galfond called to see the 8c land on the river. ‘VeniVidi1993’ fired all of his chips for a wager worth €15,983.84 and Galfond called.

‘VeniVidi1993’ had the KcJs7c5s and Galfond had the QdTc5d2h. Galfond’s queen-high straight won the pot.

Helping ‘VeniVidi1993’ to close out the session with a win was the following hand. It was one that he won with a queen-high straight for a €39,999 pot.

Galfond raised to €600 on the button, ‘VeniVidi1993’ reraised to €1,800, and Galfond called to take the 9c8h2d flop. ‘VeniVidi1993’ bet €3,599 and Galfond raised to €14,396. ‘VeniVidi1993’ moved all in for €25,921.71 and Galfond called off his last €3,804.

‘VeniVidi1993’ had the KdQdQhJc and Galfond had the AhKh9s2c. The turn was the Td to give ‘VeniVidi1993’ a queen-high straight and the river was the 6c to secure him the pot.

One more pot that ‘VeniVidi1993’ won on Tuesday was the following one worth €49,164.34.

‘VeniVidi1993’ checked the 8d3s2s flop and Galfond bet €1,799.50 into a pot of €3,599. ‘VeniVidi1993’ called and the turn was the 7h. ‘VeniVidi1993’ checked, Galfond bet €7,198, ‘VeniVidi1993’ shoved all in, and Galfond called off his remaining €13,785.17.

Galfond had the 9c9s6s4s and ‘VeniVidi1993’ had the KcQd8c7d. The river was the 4c and ‘VeniVidi1993’ won the pot with two pair, eights and sevens.

Challenge Results To Date

Hands Played Daily Winner Amount Won
Day 1 (Jan. 22) 655 VeniVidi1993 €72,572.68
Day 2 (Jan. 23) 715 Phil Galfond €2,615.26
Day 3 (Jan. 24) 557 VeniVidi1993 €84,437.52
Day 4 (Jan. 25) 581 VeniVidi1993 €17,544.87
Day 5 (Jan. 27) 726 VeniVidi1993 €155,063.52
Day 6 (Jan. 28) 703 VeniVidi1993 €13.31
Day 7 (Jan. 30) 823 VeniVidi1993 €52,057.13
Day 8 (Jan. 31) 940 VeniVidi1993 €60,743.37
Day 9 (Feb. 1) 446 VeniVidi1993 12,706.51
Day 10 (Feb. 3) 696 VeniVidi1993 €100,993.30
Day 11 (Feb. 4) 741 VeniVidi1993 €15,647.36
Day 12 (Feb. 6) 622 Phil Galfond €87,940.91
Day 13 (Feb. 7) 470 VeniVidi1993 €267,949.70
Day 14 (Feb. 8) 593 VeniVidi1993 €48,473.73
Day 15 (Feb. 9) 659 VeniVidi1993 €102,593.34
Day 16 (Mar. 4) 574 Phil Galfond €183,481.38
Day 17 (Mar. 5) 582 VeniVidi1993 €21,571.51
Day 18 (Mar. 6) 555 Phil Galfond €27,198.94
Day 19 (Mar. 7) 638 Phil Galfond €26,018.41
Day 20 (Mar. 9) 566 Phil Galfond €92,803.89
Day 21 (Mar. 10) 576 Phil Galfond €3,766.94
Day 22 (Mar. 11) 556 VeniVidi1993 €88,465.60
Day 23 (Mar. 12) 598 Phil Galfond €23,821.05
Day 24 (Mar. 13) 628 Phil Galfond €19,099.65
Day 25 (Mar. 14) 664 Phil Galfond €139,485.78
Day 26 (Mar. 19) 539 Phil Galfond €110,752.58
Day 27 (Mar. 20) 645 VeniVidi1993 €76,026.05
Day 28 (Mar. 21) 503 Phil Galfond €140,979.28
Day 29 (Mar. 26) 642 Phil Galfond €85,271.31
Day 30 (Mar. 27) 777 VeniVidi1993 €26,992.32
Day 31 (Mar. 28) 393 Phil Galfond €106,328.51
Day 32 (Apr. 2) 664 Phil Galfond €113,680.87
Day 33 (Apr. 3) 632 VeniVidi1993 €28,538.21
Day 34 (Apr. 4) 680 Phil Galfond €28,722.88
Day 35 (Apr. 6) 758 Phil Galfond €121,486.95
Day 36 (Apr. 7) 592 VeniVidi1993 €34,580.19
Total 22,689 Phil Galfond €46,484.37

What’s Next for the Galfond Challenge?

The Galfond Challenge between Galfond and ‘VeniVidi1993’ has 2,311 hands to go. Wednesday, April 8, will be a day off for the two and then they’ll be back to battle on Thursday, April 9, for more €100-200 Pot Limit Omaha on Run It Once Poker.

Galfond has the overall lead but not by much. In addition to the money won on the virtual felt, Galfond is risking €200,000 in side action to the €100,000 of ‘VeniVidi1993.’

Be sure to stay tuned to PocketFives for more on the Galfond Challenge.