Lucas Reeves becomes just the third player to win two or more $10K GGPoker Super MILLION$ tournaments.

UK high-stakes tournament pro Lucas Reeves joined the elite company of Darren Elias and Michael Addamo this week by becoming just the third player to win the weekly GGPoker Super MILLION$ two or more times. In the 33rd edition of the $10K buy-in event, Reeves emerged from the middle of the final table chip counts to take down the tournament and lock up the $408,406 first-place prize.

Reeves is now two-for-two at Super MILLION$ final tables with his first victory coming back in December, when he earned $381,241 while playing under his original screen name ‘Xingyun888’. This week marked the fifteenth time Reeves participated in the Super MILLION$ and he has now amassed a total of just over $811,000 in his three cashes.

When nine-handed play began Reeves was sitting fifth in chips, surrounded by another final table packed with top-tier talent. Ole Schemion and worldwide #3-ranked Michael ‘SirWatts’ Watson were above him on the chip counts while Daniel Dvoress and Connor Drinan were beneath, looking to chip up.

For his part, Drinan was never able to get anything going. The PokerStars SCOOP record holder started the day as the short stack and subsequently was the first to hit the rail. After dwindling down in chips, Drinan open-shipped his short stack with KhQs and fellow Canadian Watson made the call in the big blind with AhQd. The board ran out nine-high and Drinan, who currently sits third in overall Super MILLION$ earnings, used the ninth-place prize of $51,051 to climb over $1.5 million in total Super MILLION$ prize money.

After Reeves opened Qc8d on the button, the UK’s ’WanYu’ three-bet his Ah6h from the small blind with 15 big blinds. Dvoress then shipped his AdTd over ’WanYu’ from the big blind and, after Reeves got out of the way, ’WanYu’ committed the rest of his stack. The Js6c4d flop paired ‘WanYu’, but the 2d brought Dvoress some additional flush outs. The 6d on the river completed the runner-runner flush for Dvoress, sending ‘WanYu’ out in eighth place for $66,205.

Sweden’s Melker Larsson won his way into this week’s Super MILLION$ by first winning a $100 satellite into a $1,000 satellite and then winning that satellite for his seat into the $10K. After all of that winning, he cruised through the 202 player field and emerged as this week’s final table chip leader.

However, with seven left, Larsson found himself in the bottom half of the chip counts. After Dvoress opened from late position with AsTc, New Zealand’s David Yan put in a three-bet on the button with AcKs. Schemion, in the small blind, folded and Larsson, with roughly 20 big blinds, moved all-in from the big blind with QcQd. Dvoress folded and Yan made the quick call putting Larsson’s tournament at risk. The Ah hit the flop and held through the river, ending Larsson’s incredible run in seventh place for $85,857, the largest online cash of his career.

Finland’s Eelis Parssinen, was the next to go when he moved all-in with his last five big blinds with Qc7c and got called by Yan in the small blind with AhKh. The flop came Jc6h6s, but it was the Ks turn that really ended the tournament for Parssinen who exited in sixth place for $111,342.

One of the biggest hands of the tournament took place with just five left. From late position, Yan opened with Ac2h prompting a short-stacked Schemion to move all-in for his final ten big blinds with TsTh. In the small blind, Watson, who covered Schemion also moved all-in holding 8s8h. In the big blind, Reeves woke up with KsKc and followed suit by shipping his stack. Yan quickly folded and it was a three-way all-in. The flop came KhJd9d giving Reeves top set, Schemion a gutshot straight draw, and leaving Watson drawing dead to running quads. The turn was the 9s, essentially ending the hand. Despite making a full house on the Td river, Schemion was ousted in fifth for $144,393.

Watson was crippled from the previous hand and left with a stack of less than four big blinds. He immediately moved all-in with AhKd and was called by Dvoress in the big blind with 2s2c. Dvoress held through the ThTcTd8dJh board and ‘SirWatts’ finished his fifth Super MILLION$ final table in fourth place for $187,255.

The final three proceeded to pass the chip lead around, evening out the stacks for a time. But after a big clash with Yan, Reeves built his chip stack up over 10 million which gave him a lead he wouldn’t surrender.

With his commanding chip lead, Reeves open-shipped holding the Qs7s on Dvoress. Dvoress had just over 10 big blinds and called with Ah3s with his tournament on the line. The 7d4d4c flop put Reeves in the lead. The 5s turn gave Dvoress some additional straight outs, but the Jh brick on the river ended Dvoress’ tournament in third-place where he collected $242,840.

Heads-up play lasted just six hands when Yan, at a 3:1 chip deficit, raised on the button with 5h5d. In the big blind, Reeves moved all-in with the AcTc and Yan called with his pocket pair. The 8c7c4h flop gave both players plenty of ways to win the hand, but it was the Jc on the turn that gave Reeves the nut flush and left Yan drawing dead to the 3d river. It was another solid showing for Yan who now has three Super MILLION$ final tables and with his $314,924 runner-up prize, now has earned over $908,000 in this tournament series alone.

Super MILLION$ Final Table Results (1/26)

1. Lucas Reeves – $408,406
2. David Yan – $314,924
3. Daniel Dvoress – $242,840
4. Michael Watson – $187,255
5. Ole Schemion – $144,393
6. Eelis Parssinen – $111,342
7. Melker Larsson – $85,857
8. ‘WanYu’ – $66,205
9. Connor Drinan – $51,051