When the dust settled on Event #10, Michael Leib had earned his first WSOP bracelet.

Michael Leib finished in 16th place in the $2,000 No Limit Hold’em Deepstack Event #6 last Tuesday to earn what was at the time the second-largest recorded cash of his poker career at $5,695. Leib did quite a bit better in Saturday’s $333 No Limit Hold’em Event #10, scoring a first-place finish to earn the tournament’s top prize of $81,645 and his first career World Series of Poker gold bracelet.

The Chicago, Illinois native earned the first four WSOP cashes of his career in last year’s WSOP Online 2020 series, recording his best finish when he came in 89th place in the $500 Senior’s Event. Leib’s Hendon Mob page featured only nine career results before Saturday’s win. The $333 buy-in event drew in 986 unique buy-ins and 531 re-entries to produce a total prize pool of $455,100.

Dan Shak eliminated Will Givens in 10th place on the final hand before the 12:55 AM PST break to send the remaining nine players on break with a final table to return to. Nine-handed play lasted for about 15 minutes until a blind vs. blind spot created the first casualty of the final table.

Action folded to ‘LuckyLuch11’ in the small blind who min-raised to 240,000. George Konstantoulakis called from the big blind and the two players saw a flop of 8h6h4c. Both players checked the flop and the Qh fell on the turn. ‘LuckyLuch11’ bet 220,000 and Konstantoulakis called. The Js completed the board and drew a check from ‘LuckyLuch11’. Konstantoulakis moved all-in for 1,453,184 and was eventually called after ‘LuckyLuch11’ used about half of their time bank to think. ‘LuckyLuch11’ had two pair with the Qs4s and was good against Konstantoulakis’s 6s9d river bluff.

Two players were eliminated on back-to-back hands just three minutes later. ‘MMenz08816’ moved all-in for their last 953,726 from early position with 9d9h. ‘Vinnyj88’ three-bet shoved his 2,156,532 from the button with 8h8s and Leib went all-in with his remaining 2,148,209 chips as well with AhQs. Dan Shak got out of the way in the big blind and the flop came QhJh3h to give Leib top pair and the nut-flush draw. The Td on the turn brought straight outs for both ‘MMenz08816’ and ‘Vinnyj88’ that the other player blocked with their pocket pair. Nothing changed when the Jd fell on the river as ‘MMenz08816’ was eliminated in eighth place and ‘Vinnyj88’ was left with only 8,323 chips. Those remaining chips were anted up and lost on the next hand.

The whirlwind of eliminations continues five minutes later when ‘LuckyLuch11’ min-raised to 320,000 with QhJh and was met with an all-in shove of 767,779 chips from ‘Diaper_money’ on the button with AcTd. Both blinds folded and ‘LuckyLuch11’ to send the players to a flop of 8h8c2s. ‘Diaper_money’ remained ahead with their ace-high when the 2d came out on the turn, but the Qs on the river gave ‘LuckyLuch11’ top pair and knocked ‘Diaper_money’ out in sixth place.

Five-handed play lasted for just one orbit. Michael Dyer went all-in for his last 1,729,496 chips in the cutoff with Ac9s and Leib re-shoved from the small blind with AdKh. The big blind folded and the flop of Tc8s5h brought in some backdoor straight potential for both players. Dyer added four clean straight outs when the Jc fell on the turn. The Jd on the river paired the board and kept Leib’s ace-king in the lead to end Dyer’s tournament in fifth.

Ten minutes actually managed to pass without an elimination before the next two came within two minutes of each other. Shak moved all-in from under the gun with Ad6d for 3,170,856. Leib made the call from the big blind and was ahead holding 7h7c. Leib remained comfortably in the lead after a flop of 5c3c3d, though Shak turned a couple of extra outs when the 6h dropped on the turn. The 5h on the river completed the board and eliminated Shak in fourth place.

Richard Bruner shoved from the small blind for his last 1,141,528 with Qh4c just moments later. ‘LuckyLuch11’ called in the big blind with Qd6d. Both players flopped a pair on a 7d6c4h board and both improved to two-pair with the Qs on the turn. Bruner didn’t get the four that he needed and was knocked out in third place when the Js fell on the river.

‘LuckyLuch11’ and Leib entered heads up play with virtually identical stacks of right around 56 big blinds apiece. This set the stage for a final table battle that lasted for nearly 40 minutes. Both players will still fairly even in chips after 30 minutes of heads-up action before a cooler spot gave Leib a massive chip lead. Leib and ‘LuckyLuch11’ got the chips all-in on a KdQh3s4d board. ‘LuckyLuch11’ held Kc4h for a turned two-pair while Leib had 3c3d for a flopped set of threes. The 5s on the river changed nothing and left Leib with all but 1,210,674 chips.

The final hand of the tournament came moments later when Leib raised to 560,000 on the button with 8h7h and ‘LuckyLuch11’ called from the big blind with 6d5h. The flop came Ad7c3d to give Leib a pair and ‘LuckyLuch11’ an inside straight draw. Leib moved all-in and ‘LuckyLuch11’ called off their last 1,602,696. The [10h] on the turn and Jh on the river completed Leib’s run to victory.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Michael ‘njnj17’ Leib – $81,645
  2. ‘LuckyLuch11’ – $50,562
  3. Richard ‘3ofspade’ Bruner – $35,907
  4. Dan ‘oiltrader513’ Shak – $25,850
  5. Michael ‘helionic’ Dyer – $18,887
  6. ‘Diaper_money’ – $13,926
  7. ‘Vinnyj88’ – $10,467
  8. ‘MMenz08816’ – $7,919
  9. George ‘gkon86’ Konstantoulakis – $6,098