Eric Raus Headline
Eric Raus pictured in front of the world-famous WSOP sign at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

Did you wish that the World Series of Poker had made it from your ‘wish list’ to your ‘To Do’ list this summer? Maybe you faced down one of those conversations that ends with the question asking you whether you could cope with bubbling a tournament and the inevitable crushing feeling that can come with such an eventuality.



One man who made his trip to Vegas happen and bubbled was GGPoker player Eric Raus. The recreational player, who works full time, was in play in a $1,000-entry WSOP event when he approached the money bubble…with no fear.


Protecting Himself Before the Series Started


“I dream of winning big just as anyone and will continue shooting my shots!”


In the build-up to the 2022 World Series of Poker, Raus was one of several players who became a ClubGG member. With ClubGG running promotional paths through satellite qualifiers into events as prestigious as the WSOP Main Event, Raus could look forward to bubble protection. Specifically, being a member of ClubGG meant that if Raus went out of an event on the direct bubble then he’d win entry into that tournament’s corresponding 2023 event for free.


Rather than risking leaving for nothing like everyone else, $1,000 was his if he busted, as he eventually did. Raus, who also has strong live results in Choctaw and the Lodge Mystery Bounty Event too said that while it wasn’t the result he wanted, he had a great time playing as he always does at the WSOP in Las Vegas.


“I don’t get many opportunities to travel for many of the great events year round so I have a greater appreciation for the times I do play,” said Raus. “Overall, it’s a great experience for me. I would consider [myself] a recreational player who enjoys the game for the experience and social aspects first and foremost. Obviously, with that said, I dream of winning big just as anyone and will continue shooting my shots whenever possible!”


Raus first heard about the ClubGG Bubble Protection promotion after the fact, thinking it was a separate promotion rather than being inclusive of his ClubGG membership.


“I happened to see it posted in the updates on PokerNews as I was following some friends who were still playing. I was a bit disappointed as I thought ‘How I could I miss that?’ It was already disappointing enough to stone bubble and then to think I missed out on this great promotion.”


Finding His GGPoker Credentials


“Needless to say, I’ll be keeping the membership!”


It turned out that Raus was eligible and was a member of ClubGG so after GGPoker verified his credentials, they paid right out.


“I indeed stone bubbled and they honored their promotion which was a great feeling afterwards. Most people wouldn’t even bother following up, but they did, and I’m satisfied with the result. Needless to say, I’ll be keeping the membership!”

In the heat of the moment, it was a great time to be had at the WSOP in Vegas. With everything on the line, the drama built.


‘The atmosphere was pretty entertaining as it got closer and closer to that magic number 591. It’s funny because my friends were just outside the ropes since my table was fairly close to the middle aisle and they were rooting me on laughing because of how close it was and I was basically going to be all in blind on my big blind after losing an all in just a few hands prior.”


With four hands before he was all-in ‘blind’, every hand Raus picked up was “insta fold”. The atmosphere on the rail was raucous, with Raus’ friends egging him on.


Eric Raus in WSOP Action
Eric Raus pictured in WSOP action as the bubble approached that would change his summer.


The Moment the Bubble Burst


“Anxiety was killing me at that point. It was fun until that moment I was called, and my opponent showed six-eight. I hadn’t looked at my cards at that point and flipped them down hard as if I had a monster, which it turns out I clearly did not.”


Long story short, Raus was rustled out of contention, and with the $1,000 entry fee, his $50 membership looked like amazing value.


“As it turned out, I would say [it was] definitely great value,” says Raus. “In the event you can make it to Day 2 at least.”


Raus enjoyed his time at the World Series of Poker so much he can’t wait to go back and play again – this time for free!


“It was fun, and I can’t wait to do it again!”


Eric Raus will be back in action at the WSOP in 2023 as Las Vegas once again welcomes those with ClubGG and the ultimate protection – not having to sweat the bubble in some of the most important events of the summer.