According to cash game tracking site HighStakesDB, Phil Ivey (pictured), playing under the screen name RaiseOnce, just endured a 30-hour session on PokerStars, competing against Russian poker pro Timofey “Trueteller” Kuznetsov.

The two locked horns at the $400/$800 Mixed Game table Reseda II starting at 05:39 server time on November 9 and didn’t call it quits until 11:13 on Tuesday, November 10.

Based on the records kept by HighStakesDB, it appears that the two played 4,698 hands against each other during that span. The final numbers aren’t quite equal, but either way, Kuznetsov came out on top. HighStakesDB has him winning $62,687 at Reseda II from 05:39 on Monday to 11:13 on Tuesday, while it has Ivey losing $80,799.

It was a tale of two calendar days for the players, as Ivey was down $189,895 on Monday, but up $109,096 on Tuesday. The ledger was flipped for Kuznetsov, as he won $173,888 at Reseda II on Monday, but lost $111,201 on Tuesday. He had been up by as much as about $320,000 fourteen hours into the marathon session against the ten-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner.

The highlight of the match, which allowed Ivey to make up a huge chunk of what he had lost, came at 06:41 server time Tuesday. The game was $100/$200 No Limit Hold’em and Ivey was on the button. As it was a heads-up game, he also posted the $100 small blind. Ivey raised to $600 pre-flop and Kuznetsov(pictured) called.

On the flop of 2d-7h-7s, Kuznetsov checked, Ivey bet $600 into the $1,200 pot, and Kuznetsov came back with a check-raise to $2,198. Ivey made the call and the two watched the Td peel off on the turn. It was the same action as the previous street, with Kuznetsov checking, Ivey betting $3,800 this time, and Kuznetsov check-raising to $17,000. Ivey called. When the 9c came on the river, Kuznetsov stopped messing around and led out for $26,396, prompting Ivey to move all-in for his remaining $111,441.

Kuznetsov was likely quite happy to make the call, as he showed 7d-Ts for the boat, but Ivey revealed pocket tens for the bigger full house and took down the $262,480 pot.

Kuznetsov has restricted HighStakesDB from showing his results beyond the past seven days, but we can tell you that Phil Ivey has not had a good 2015. According to HighStakesDB’s records, Ivey is down just over $2 million in online cash games this calendar year. He was relatively breakeven through May, but took a sharp drop in June, losing nearly $1 million. He then played fairly even through August before having wild swings this fall.

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