In a corporate blogposted on Sunday, PokerStarsannounced that it will be “reducing rewards for high-volume and high-stakes players.” This is the language used in the blog, not this author’s. Headlining the major changes was that “VIP Club rewards will be capped at 30%, impacting mainly high-volume Supernova and Supernova Elite status players.” However, players who have achieved Supernova Elite status in 2015 will have a 45% cap instead of 30%.

Additionally, players who have achieved PlatinumStar status will have up to a 10% reduction in their overall rewards. Finally, according to PokerStars, there will be “no VPPs for Pot Limit and No Limit games with blinds of $5-$10+, Eight-Game $10-$20+, and other Limit games with blinds of $10-$15+. This change is implemented due to high transaction costs and operation costs of monitoring these games.”

FPP currency will become known as StarsCoinand instead of being variable for each player will remain constant at a rate of one cent per StarsCoin. A VIP Steps program will also be rolled out.

If you’re a BronzeStar, ChromeStar, SilverStar, or GoldStar player, then you likely won’t see much of a change. According to the same blog, “VIP status players from BronzeStar to GoldStar will continue to be able to receive up to a similar level of rewards to what they receive now. In some cases, players will receive less; in some cases, players will receive more, but it’s very much in the same ballpark.” These four classifications are the lowest in PokerStars’ current VIP system.

As PocketFives previously reported, PokerStars has clamped down on third-party software use and announced on Sunday that “major changes within our own software” are on the way in order to combat third-party aids. HUDs are no longer allowed to ingest data and recommended an action. Changes to player registrations were implemented as well.

PokerStars front man Daniel Negreanu was Tweeting throughout the evening on Sunday about the news and said at one point, “These changes will cater to the 98% rather than the 2%. Benefits the vast majority.” He added of the changes to the VIP program, “I would have done it years ago.”

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