Sean Perry took the 2021 Poker Masters over lead with his win in Event #2 for $206,400.

Sean Perry was never really in any danger of elimination during the final table of the 2021 Poker Masters Event #2 ($10,000 No Limit Hold’em). He started the day with the chip lead, held on to it by taking out four of his final five opponents, and, in under three hours, walked out of the PokerGO studio with $206,400 for the win.

The tournament was slightly larger than Event #1, as 86-entries created an $860,000 prize pool. For Perry, the victory, plus his eighth-place finish in the first event for $32,800, has made him the early points leader for the Purple Jacket something he said, “would mean the world to me.”

Just six players returned to the PokerGO studio to battle for the Event #2 title, including John Riordan, fresh off his sixth-place finish in Event #1 for $49,200. Roughly 30 minutes into play, with the blinds at 30,000/60,000 (60,000 bb ante), Riordan found himself on the short stack with just eight big blinds. From the hijack, he moved all-in holding KsQd and Jake Schindler, next to act, made the call with his AsJs. The rest of the table got out of the way and the pair watched as the board ran out 9h8h7dTc2s giving Schindler a straight and, for the second tournament in a row, ending Riordan’s day in sixth place for $51,600.

With the blinds at 40,000/80,000 (80,000 bb ante) Sam Soverel clashed in a big pot against Daniel Negreanu. All-in before the flop, Negreanu held the AhKh, and Soverel, with the slightly larger stack, had the AdQc. The flop came Ts6s2d, keeping Negreanu in good shape. It got even better for “Kid Poker” when the Kd hit the turn leaving Soverel drawing dead to the 8d river. After the hand, Soverel was left with roughly two big blinds. Although he hung around for fifteen minutes, Soverel could build it back up when his 5d5c eventually lost to Perry’s 9d8d on the Th9c8cKd7c run out. Soverel, who won the Poker Masters Purple Jacket back in 2019, finished in fifth place for $68,800.

Perry grabbed a commanding chip lead with four players left and began to apply the pressure. From the button, Perry made it 160,000 to go with the Kc4h. Negreanu bowed out in the small blind and then Schindler, with seven big blinds left, three-bet all-in holding Ad2s. Perry took some time to consider and ended up making the call. The Jh7c4c flop gave Perry bottom pair which held through the 5c turn and 2d river. Schindler fell in fourth place and picked up $86,000 on the day.

The final three then went to break. On the first hand back, with blinds up to 50,000/100,000 (100,000 bb ante), there was only one big blind due to the prior elimination. First to act, Perry made it 225,000 holding 6d6c and Negreanu quickly moved all-in on the button for 1.425 million with his KcTc. Jeremy Ausmus folded the single big blind and Perry wasted no time in calling. The flop came Ac8c7d keeping Perry’s sixes ahead, but not the favorite to Negreanu’s over cards, flush outs, and back door straight outs. The turn came the 9d giving Negreanu 16 outs one time. But that was simply too many outs, as Negreanu missed them all when the Ad completed the board. “He had half the deck and missed somehow,” Perry shouted as Negreanu collected his things and went to collect his $103,200 prize for third place.

Unlike in Event #1, the heads-up match between Perry and Ausmus didn’t take very long. With a two-to-one chip lead, Perry kept control for the roughly 25-minute match. On the final hand, Ausmus raised to 200,000 holding the QhJh and Perry raised it to 825,000 with his KdJc. Ausmus called and the flop came Ac9h2c and Perry led for 400,000. In position, Ausmus opted for a call and the turn came the Kh. Perry checked it to Ausmus and Ausmus bet 800,000. After taking some time, Perry made the call. The 6d hit the river and Perry once again checked to Ausmus. Having missed all his outs, Ausmus moved all-in for just over 2 million. Perry went into the tank and eventually called the bluff with his pair of kings and ended the tournament. Ausmus was eliminated as the runner-up for $146,200 and Sean Perry took home the win and $206,400.

Poker Masters Event #2 Final Table Results

  1. Sean Perry – $206,400
  2. Jeremy Ausmus – $146,200
  3. Daniel Negreanu – $103,200
  4. Jake Schindler – $86,000
  5. Sam Soverel – $68,800
  6. John Riordan – $51,600