California poker pro Mike Postle has found himself at the center of cheating allegations in the Stones Poker Live cash games. (Turlock Poker Photo)

Over the last 72 hours, California poker room Stones Gambling Hall has found itself as the epicenter of cheating allegations based around the live-streamed cash game action hosted by the casino.

The allegations of cheating in the game first came to light after Veronica Brill, who has played in and worked as a commentator for the game, tweeted the following:

Brill later identified Stones regular Mike Postle as the alleged cheater and shared clips from the live stream that showed Postle seemingly making the correct decision on multiple rivers, including hands where he was able to bluff better hands out of the pot.

Stones Live runs up to three times each week and features local players playing stakes from $1/$3 up to $25/$50. Players such as Chris Moneymaker, Christian Soto, and Matt Berkey have at times played in the live-streamed game.

Following the social media postings from Brill, Stones Live Poker released a statement dismissing the allegations as “fabricated” and claimed an internal investigation showed no cheating.

Postle also took to Twitter in an attempt to defend himself against the allegations.

Popular podcaster Joey Ingram began posting numerous hands involving Postle from the Stones Live live stream over the past six months and even went as far as to live-stream his hand-by-hand review.

As more and more hands involving Postle came to light, prominent members of the poker community began sharing their thoughts on Postle’s playing style and the likelihood that he could have had some form of assistance.

Postle went as far as to claim that the RFID readers used by Stones Live displayed incorrect hole card information for him on a number of the hands Ingram and others were questioning. Matt Berkey, who uses RFID technology as part of his Solve For Why Academy, debunked the likelihood of Postle’s claim.

While many players have come to their own conclusion that Postle has been potentially cheating, some who know the California poker pro have come to his defense and most mention his high variance playing style.

As the conversation continues across social media, no conclusive proof of cheating has been produced. However, Justin Kuralitis, Stones Gambling Hall TD and organizer of the game, insists that there was no wrongdoing in the game.