Foxen Winner P5s
Alex Foxen won the $250,000 Super High Roller event for $4.5 million and his first bracelet.

A huge day of action in the 2022 World Series of Poker saw Alex Foxen win his first-ever WSOP bracelet as he outlasted a table of superstars to claim the $4.5 million top prize. In five other events, play got closer to final tables, with gold bracelets and millions of dollars on the line.



Foxen Claims Gold as Ivey, Zack and Mateos Miss Out


There was drama all the way in the $250,000 Super High Roller Event #50, with Alex Foxen reigning supreme to win $4.5 million and his first WSOP gold bracelet. The action kicked off at the final table with eight players remaining, thanks to Henrick Hecklen’s elimination last night. Eight began, but it didn’t take long for WSOP Player of the Year leader Dan Zack to bust for $488,095.


Zack moved all-in pre-flop with AhQd and was called by the initial raiser in the hand, Alex Foxen, with TsTc. The flop of KcQh4s would put Zack ahead, and the Jh kept him there, but it gave Foxen straight outs and one fell on the 9c river.


Phil Ivey was the next player to bust, with his QsJd all-in dominated and defeated by AcQc, with the board of QdTh2d7sAs playing out to see the 10-time WSOP winner eliminated. Czech player Martin Kabrhel was the next to go, busting in sixth place for $759,362 when his Kd2d fell to Brandon Steven’s JsJd.


Sam Soverel had started the day short, but laddered all the way to fifth place, busting for just over a million dollars. He was unlucky to do so, too, with KsKc losing out to Brandon Steven’s Ah7d when the board came AdQd9s3c8d and Soverel saw Steven hit his ace on the flop.


Adrian Mateos was the next man out, as he finally fell to relinquish the opportunity to win the biggest event of the WSOP in back-to-back years. Mateos was all-in and at risk with KdTh and lost out to Ad6d, a six coming on the flop and an ace on the turn meaning Mateos was drawing to just three queens on the river. That came a three and the Spaniard crashed out for $1,367,206.


Three-handed, Chis Hunichen was the short stack with 14.5 million, less than half Steven’s 30 million and Foxen’s 39.3 million. ‘Big Huni’ busted for $1.9 million when he shoved, declaring “All right, let’s go!” as he had Ac7c against Foxen’s Qd3s. The board of Ah3c2sQcJh saw Foxen win on the turn, and by that point Steven had lost a couple of pots.


Foxen went to heads-up with a massive lead of 8:1 in chips and sealed the deal quickly with QdTh beating Steven’s 5s2h after the money went in a flop of Qh5h2s. The turn was a Kh keeping Steven ahead, but the dramatic Tc river saw Foxen claim gold and his rail celebrated wildly.


WSOP 2022 Event #50 $250,000 Super High Roller Final Table Results:                        


  1. Alex Foxen – $4,563,700
  2. Brandon Steven – $2,820,581
  3. Chris Hunichen – $1,931,718
  4. Adrian Mateos – $1,367,206
  5. Sam Soverel – $1,001,142
  6. Martin Kabrhel – $759,362
  7. Phil Ivey – $597,381
  8. Dan Zack – $488,095
  9. Henrik Hecklen – $414,815


Kathy Liebert Leads Seniors Championship with 18 Remaining


With just 18 players still in the hunt, it is legendary female poker player Kathy Liebert who has made the running on Day 3 of the $1,000 buy-in Seniors Championship. Liebert, who has one WSOP bracelet that she won back in 2004 in the $1,500 Limit Hold’em Shootout event for $110,000, will be favorite to make the final table in good shape on Day 4 as 18 play down to just five finalists. Elsewhere in the top 10 chipcounts, overnight chip leader Ben Sarnoff and Eric Smidinger both piled up 15.5 million chips, with Andres Korn a little further back on 10,550,000 in the top five.


With the day reducing 198 players to just 18 players, over 90% of the players who started the day lost their chips, with former bracelet winners Ken Aldridge, Carol Fuchs, Larry Wright, Jeff Lisandro and Dieter Dechant all lost their stacks.


WSOP 2022 Event #47 $1,000 Seniors Championship Top 10 Chipcounts:                    


  1. Kathy Liebert – 21,000,000
  2. Ben Sarnoff – 15,500,000
  3. Eric Smidinger – 15,500,000
  4. Alexander Hill – 12,500,000
  5. Andres Korn – 10,550,000
  6. Jan Pettersson – 10,550,000
  7. Mark Pett – 8,675,000
  8. Steven Himebaugh – 7,02,000
  9. Patrick Martorella – 7,000,000
  10. Domenico Scalamogna – 6,350,000


Mike Watson Leads Final Table in $2k NLHE Event


Just seven players remain in Event #49, with Mike ‘Sir Watts’ Watson leading the field. Watson (14,775,000) has a slim lead heading into the final day, with Daniel Custodio (14,425,000) in second place on the leaderboard.


From those top two, there is a chunky gap to Greek player Ioannis Angelou Konstas (9,375,000), with everyone else at the final table having a lot less than half of the chip leaders, with Chris Frank (6.6m), Walter Ripper (5.3 million), Simeon Spasov (5.2m) and Evan Sandberg (3.8m) all needing to start the final table by increasing their stacks to have a chance of victory.


WSOP 2022 Event #49 $2,000 NLHE Final Table Chipcounts:                       


  1. Mike Watson – 14,775,000
  2. Daniel Custodio – 14,425,000
  3. Ioannis Angelou Konstas – 9,375,000
  4. Christopher Frank – 6,640,000
  5. Walter Ripper – 5,300,000
  6. Simeon Spasov – 5,200,000
  7. Evan Sandberg – 3,825,000


David Bach Leads Nine Game with Negreanu Chasing


David Bach (1,591,000) leads the way in Event #52, the Nine-Game Mix with the three-time WSOP bracelet winner being chased down by Nick Guagenti (1,584,000) and Mike Gorodinsky (1,546,000) not far behind. Others still in the field after 25 were left from 191 entries include Daniel Negreanu (817,000), Scott Seiver (790,000), Andre Akkari (768,000) and 16-time WSOP bracelet record-holder Phil Hellmuth, who has 124,000 and a dream as one of two players who represent the official shortest stack.


With others to make the money but bust including Felipe Ramos (68th), Chance Kornuth (60th), Shannon Shorr (48th) and Max Pescatori (43th), tomorrow will see some of the biggest names in poker battle to get to the bracelet and $219,799 top prize.


WSOP 2022 Event #52 $2,500 Nine-Game Top 10 Chipcounts:                   


  1. David Bach – 1,591,000
  2. Nick Guagenti – 1,584,000
  3. Mike Gorodinsky – 1,546,000
  4. Sampo Ryynanen – 1,008,000
  5. Warwick Mirzikinian – 1,000,000
  6. Kijoon Park – 838,000
  7. Daniel Negreanu – 817,000
  8. Scott Bohlman – 804,000
  9. Scott Seiver – 790,000
  10. Andre Akkari – 768,000


Two More Events Finish Up on the Day


In the $5,000-entry Mixed NLHE Event #53, Joao Simao (1,705,000) led the surviving 72 players from a record-breaking 788-player field. With record numbers in this specific event, others to thrive included Frank Lagodich (1,530,000), Daniel Hachem (1,090,000), Joni Jouhkimainen (1, 015,000), Bryce Yockey (820,000), David Pham (695,000), and David Williams (695,000).


Plenty of players left the field, with Rainer Kempe, Sylvain Loosli, Anthony Zinno, Nacho Barbero, Chris Moorman and Thomas Muehloecker all crashing out.


In the Colossus’s Day1b field, a mammoth 7,704 overall entries saw just 1,000 of those make the Day 2 field. With a combined Day 1a and b total of 13,573 entrants, this incredible event saw legends such as


Bruno Politano (1,016,000) one of the biggest stacks in the room behind Kou Vang (1,084,000), with Ryan Laplante (755,000), Donnie Peters (597,000), Steve Watts (400,000), Ryan Leng (280,000) and Joseph Cheong (275,000) all cruising through to the next day, while others such as Womens Hall of Famer JJ Liu, former Sunday Million winner Vanessa Kade and the 2004 WSOP Main Event champion Greg Raymer all busted.


Dan Smith called out in his ‘fellow Dan’ as POY leader Dan Zack for putting his chips into a suspicious shape.



Isaac Haxton put out a think tank on the Daniel Negreanu hand from yesterday’s action.



Chance Kornuth praised his friend Alex Foxen for dominating a tough final table in the $250,000 Super High Roller.



Official photographs courtesy of PokerGO, the home of live-streamed action throughout the 2022 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.