Ivan Zufic earned $843K and his first career World Series of Poker bracelet for winning the $500 Mini Main Event on Sunday.

Ivan Zufic came to the final table of Event #63 ($500 Mini Main Event) of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online with the chip lead and turned that lead into gold as he outlasted his final eight opponents to win $843,460 and his first career WSOP bracelet.

The tournament drew a total of 15,205 across multiple starting flights with 2,055 of them returning to play Day 2 on Sunday. It took more than 16 hours to play down to a winner including more than two hours for the final table alone.

Fedor Kruse came to the final table with the third shortest stack but had already picked up a $188,000 score earlier in the day after winning a $3,000 side event. Unfortunately for him, that wound up being his best cash of the day. Just a few minutes after the final table began Suraj Mishra moved raised to 7,000,000 from late position with AdTd before Kruse moved all in for 29,194,761 from the button with Ah9h. Mishra called and then watched the Ac7s4s6hAs runout give him the pot thanks to his kicker to eliminate Kruse in ninth place.

It took a full half-hour before the next elimination. Royal Pek moved all in for 11,147,776 from UTG with [k8]8h before Daniel Saugspier re-raised to 36,694,440 from the small blind with QcQd forcing Daniel Neilson folded his big blind. The AcTs3s flop missed Pek and he was eliminated in eighth place after the Ah turn and 9c river completed the board.

Just a minute later, Troy McLean raised to 17,500,000 from UTG and Zufic called from his immediate left. Neilson moved all in from the cutoff for 137,597,212 with, McLean called off his last 1,828,688 and Zufic folded. Neilson showed KdKs while McLean tabled 2h2s. The QcTs7hKc3h runout ended McLean’s run in seventh.

Zufic picked his first elimination of the final table 20 minutes later. The Croatian raised to 8,000,000 from late position with Ah9h and action folded to Derek Miller in the big blind. He moved all in for 49,212,982 with As4d and Zufic called. The 8s6s5d flop gave Miller some runner-runner flush hopes. The 6d turn added some chop outs but the Ks river was no help and Miller was eliminated in sixth. place.

The deep structure allowed play to carry on for another 40 minutes without an elimination. From the cutoff, Suraj Mishra raised to 10,000,000 with JdJh and Oleksii Kravchuk re-raised to 85,000,000 with KdQh. Mishra then re-raised to 160,000,000 and Kravchuk called off the last 16,997,222. The 8c6s5d flop left Kravchuk in a bad spot and neither the 9d turn nor As was able to save him from a fifth place finish.

Mishra put his stack to use five minutes when he raised to 12,000,000 from UTG with AsQh. Daniel Saugspier moved all from the small blind for 55,343,172 with AcJd and Mishra called. Both players made top pair on the Ah9c7s flop but Mishra’s kicker played through the Tc turn and 5c river to end Saugspier’s run in fourth.

Down to three players, a preflop confrontation between the blinds lead to the next elimination. Daniel Neilson pushed his last 58,501,800 in from the small blind with AcKh and Mishra called from the big blind with AhTc. The JcJh7h flop seemed relatively safe for Neilson. The 8d turn gave Mishra a gutshot straight draw which came in on the 9s river to eliminate Neilson in third and send the tournament to heads up.

Zufic held a 5.5 big blind lead when heads up play began but he needed just 10 minutes to eliminate Mishra and claim his first WSOP bracelet. On the final hand Mishra moved all in for 50,612,190 with 2c2d and Zufic called with Ac9s. The drama was short-lived as the Ad was the first card dealt to the table along with the 6d and 4h. Mishra didn’t connect with the 8h turn or 5c river and was eliminated in second place.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Ivan Zufic – $843,460
  2. Suraj Mishra – $586,157
  3. Daniel Neilson – $401,635
  4. Daniel Saugspier – $275,200
  5. Oleksii Kravchuk – $188,567
  6. Derek Miller – $129,206
  7. Troy McLean – $88,532
  8. Royal Pek – $60,662
  9. Fedor Kruse – $41,566