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  • About Yourself
    Reverse Logistics specialist
  • Your profession
    Reverse Logistics
  • Favorite place to play
    Las Vegas/Amsterdam/Miami
  • Your hobbies
    Ladies, Cars and Kicks
  • Favorite Cash Game and Limit
    PLO 6 Max
  • Favorite Tournament Game and Limit
    6 Max NL or PLO

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  1. 100k Badge Before Black Friday.. Weeeeeeee

  2. One Day a Micro Grinder. The Next a Legend to all Micro grinders!
  3. Mini Ftops!! Suck it Bitches! Sickoooooooooooo
  4. You Inspire me! congrats bro on #1! Prett isck!! I said by December 1st! now all i need is Huni in top 10 by years end as i predicted! Nice work bro, Much respect!
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  6. Gogogogo DO IT!!!
  7. gl dude! gogogo! your getting sick!!!
  8. Congarts on Million!
  9. Mort!! Suffolk in The House!
  10. When the Pros gonna stop hating! 9 Pro PLB? Haters!!
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