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$200 GTD Deep Turbo (Re-entry)



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The $200 GTD Deep Turbo (Re-entry) event took place on the Revolution on Sep 16th, 2015. Passadena11 won the tournament for $108.00. The only PocketFives member to cash in this tournament at the time it took place was the United States' ifinddagrind, who finished in 3rd place for $36.00. Ifinddagrind was ranked in 20,749th place in the PocketFives Worldwide Rankings at the time this tournament took place.

Quick Hits

  • This tournament represents the 55th time that ifinddagrind cashed in a tournament tracked by PocketFives at the time this tournament took place.
  • The top three players to cash in this tournament, passadena11, Kakaoweoko, and ifinddagrind won a combined $216.00 representing 90% of the $240.00 prize pool.
  • The average cash in this tournament was $60.00 or 25% of the prize pool of $240.00.
  • Ifinddagrind is ranked in 2,410th place out of 3,180th place in the PocketFives United States Rankings at the time this tournament took place. jslab and harpoon were ranked in first and second place respectfully in the PocketFives United States Rankings.
  • This tournament was the 138th tournament tracked on PocketFives on the Revolution in the past week.

Total P5er Cashes

P5s Country Distribution

Ranked Tournament Results

Site Name Amount Won P5s Name Rank Posts Last Login
1 passadena11 $108.00
2 Kakaoweoko $72.00
3 ifinddagrind $36.00 3
4 AAAir $24.00

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